Kamloops Man Faces Two Year Driving Ban, Fines After Reaching Speeds of 230km/hour While Fleeing Police

Richard Marshall, a 44-year-old man from the Kamloops area, appeared in court Thursday to answer charges of fleeing from police and driving while prohibited.

On August 18th, 2021, a Mountie travelling east on Highway 1 near Kamloops noticed a motorcycle travelling at a high speed. When he clocked the vehicle using his radar gun, it was going 166 km/h; Marshall had lost his license two months prior due to a five month prohibition.

Marshall has multiple convictions relating to driving offences, including jail sentences for dangerous driving and driving while prohibited in 2004 – 2009. The Crown prosecutor sought one year probation with 25 hours community service and an additional three year ban on Marshall’s license as punishment; while John Gustafson, Marshall’s defence lawyer, argued for less than three years as well as a $1000 fine.

Judge Stella Frame decided upon one year of probation with 25 hours community service and the additional two year ban on Marshall’s license along with the fine of $1000.

The Mountie that stopped him estimated the motorcycle was going at least 200 km/h before he got stuck in traffic. He watched as the driver pulled onto the shoulder, most likely readying to turn around and make their escape. However, when he put on his emergency equipment, that plan was thwarted and he was arrested shortly after.

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