“Walking Dead” Star Michael Cudlitz to Host Bourbon Tasting in West Kelowna

The picturesque Crown & Thieves winery in West Kelowna is set to host a special guest from the world of entertainment. Michael Cudlitz, famed for his role as Sgt. Abraham Ford in “The Walking Dead” and other notable appearances in “Southland”, “Band of Brothers”, and “Superman & Lois”, is gearing up to bring his passion for whiskey to fans and enthusiasts.

Scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 18, the event titled “Sip & Star: A Bourbon Evening with Michael Cudlitz” promises an evening filled with exclusive bourbon tasting. For a ticket priced at $150, participants will not only relish fine bourbons but will also have the opportunity to secure an autograph and pose for a professional photograph with Cudlitz.

This concept was birthed from an unplanned interaction between Cudlitz and local filmmaker Norm Coyne at a comic con, where Cudlitz expressed his fondness for bourbon. Coyne recalled, “The conversation took a twist when Cudlitz revealed owning a series of speakeasy joints. I immediately thought of introducing him to Jason Parkes.” Parkes, the brain behind Crown & Thieves and other similar establishments in West Kelowna, said, “We’d been brainstorming a unique bourbon tasting event, and teaming up with Cudlitz felt like connecting the dots for a memorable occasion.”

The evening promises a delightful bourbon list including renowned names like Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Larceny, and Yellowstone. The event kicks off at 7 pm, adding a touch of the 1920s’ prohibition vibe, reminiscent of Cudlitz’s co-owned speakeasy chain, the Red Phone Booth, in the U.S.

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