Vernon Residents Unite to Rescue Iconic Floral Clock from Disrepair

Residents of Vernon have been expressing their disappointment after the recent announcement that the Polson Park floral clock, which had served as a colourful backdrop for photographs and welcomed visitors to the park since its unveiling in 1958 by Princess Margaret, will not be repaired. The clock’s mechanism had long been removed, robbing it of its ability to tell time and leaving it in a state of disrepair.

Many people have taken to social media to share their nostalgia for this beloved attraction but there is another way they can get involved: financially. Reviving this historic landmark will take an estimated $10,000 dollars and could involve fundraising campaigns or donations so that the necessary parts can be bought and repairs can begin on the clock.

Until then, Vernon residents are left with fading memories of a time when our city and its crown jewel were still one and the same. It was a feeling of peace and beauty that could only be found at Polson Park where one could spend a day among vibrant colours created with exquisite details within each petal of the carefully crafted clock.

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