Vernon City Council Funds Increased for Lakeview Wading Pool Revitalization Project

The Vernon City Council recently increased funding for the Lakeview Wading Pool Revitalization Project to $4,435,825 from a variety of sources. This increase was necessitated by higher-than-expected tender costs for the mechanical, washroom and storage building; additional excavation due to clay content in East Hill soil; an extended construction timeline; and the replenishment of the project’s 5% construction contingency.

Mayor Victor Cumming noted that while it is regrettable when budget increases are necessary, Council ultimately chose to provide the funds needed to deliver what had been promised to the community as part of the revitalization project.

The new funding will come from three established sources: the City of Vernon’s Infrastructure Reserve ($301,000) and Recreation Major Maintenance and Operational Reserves ($733,640), as well as a combined federal-provincial grant from Canada-British Columbia’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

The Lakeview Wading Pool Revitalization Project includes a replacement pool basin with a connected mechanical structure, washroom and storage building, plus enhancements such as a small spray park that are designed to make the facility more accessible and inviting for future use. The project should be substantially completed by August 2023 after commissioning of equipment and approval of health permits.

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