Updated DeHart Community Park Design Ready for Public Review

The DeHart Community Park design has been updated and is ready for public review. An online survey at getinvolved.kelowna.ca and in-person onsite workshop are being offered for residents to share their voice on the updated design.

“The updated design reflects components of the previous concept and input captured in the first round of public engagement about current community priorities,” said Cadre Simpson, Park and Landscape Planner. “From playgrounds to picnic areas to walking paths and sports fields, we are looking forward to seeing the park come to life as a place for residents of all ages and abilities to enjoy for years to come.”

Mature trees and naturalized areas of the park have been preserved in the updated concept to reflect the community’s top priorities of preservation of natural elements, as well as diversity of uses, community spaces, access, safety, and noise considerations. Further, based on public feedback from the first round of engagement, other amenities included in this community-level park to meet the need for higher intensity recreation uses are a field, children’s play area, and a space for dogs. Infrastructure to meet vehicle, transit, cycling, and pedestrian access needs, and an open space for unstructured activities have also been accommodated in the refined concept plan.

From Oct. 18 – Nov. 20, 2022, the community offered feedback on park priorities and amenities through a survey, onsite “walkshops”, and an online survey. Based on public feedback, the design has been updated and residents are welcome to view the concept, fill in the survey, and attend the onsite workshop to help inform the final update before heading to implementation and construction through 2024.

View the updated design at getinvolved.kelowna.ca and have your say from March 14 – April 2 through the survey and join the project team at the park on March 15 from 2-6 pm to help realize DeHart Park to fruition.

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