Unprovoked Attack in Kelowna Leaves Citizens Uneasy

On Monday morning, an unidentified man in a white Hyundai shocked bystanders when he exited his car with an axe and proceeded to smash multiple windows of the TD Bank on Ellis Street in Kelowna while uttering threats. The crime was quickly contained by police officers who had tracked down the license plate number of the man’s vehicle and found him parked on a dead-end street in the Ellison area of Kelowna at 9 a.m., arresting him without incident with the help of a police dog.

The Kelowna RCMP are now encouraging all witnesses to come forward and contact them using their non-emergency number: (250) 762-3300 and reference file number 2023-5368, as they try to understand why this attack took place.

The incident has understandably left citizens feeling uneasy, prompting officials like Const. Mike Della-Paolera from the Kelowna RCMP to express their concerns about such “unprovoked attacks on our local businesses”. It serves as another reminder that even smaller towns like Kelowna are not exempt from violent crimes, making it all the more necessary for society to be vigilant and take preventive measures so no similar events occur again.

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