Thompson Rivers University Enhances Campus Security with Overnight Patrols and New Cameras

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has taken measures to enhance campus security by adding overnight patrols and installing new surveillance cameras near valuable assets such as computers and chemicals. The university’s office of safety and emergency management reported an increase in on-campus crime over the past few months, particularly in vehicle break-ins. As a result, TRU decided to increase the security presence on campus by adding an overnight guard who would patrol the parking lots using a security vehicle. The report noted a substantial decrease in incidents following the addition of the overnight patrol. However, certain parking lots continue to be problematic during evenings due to vandalism, thefts, and general mischief.

The university also installed additional security cameras on the exterior of Old Main near a new computer lab that is now monitored round-the-clock. Cameras were also installed on the Science Building’s exterior to monitor the chemical storage lab as well as a busy corridor between Science and Gym buildings. TRU officials are working towards securing Makerspace located inside the House of Learning building where high-tech equipment is kept including 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, podcasting gear, and computers after it was targeted multiple times by burglars over Christmas break. To secure Makerspace facility from any future break-ins or theft attempts, shatter-proof glass coatings will be installed on all exterior windows while an alarm system will be put in place should anyone gain entry into the space after hours.

TRU is still finalizing its decision to hire a new security contractor for campus patrols given its size and importance. The vetting process has been thorough with additional reference checks performed before making this crucial decision which should be finalized soon.

By introducing these measures, Thompson Rivers University aims to deter crime on campus and keep students safe while studying or living within its premises.

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