Summerland Residents Invited to Budget Open House on February 2nd

Summerland residents are invited to attend the budget open house on February 2nd, hosted by the district at the Summerland Arena Banquet Room. Hosted from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m, with a presentation at 6:30 p.m., this event provides an opportunity for locals to review and discuss the proposed 3.76 per cent tax rate increase in the upcoming 2023 budget plans, as well as roads, parks, and recreation projects.

The proposed tax rate includes 2.12 per cent allocated to publicly-approved repaving of Giants Head Road and 1.64 per cent increased Operational costs associated with managing 2023 pressure points – estimated at an average annual cost of $65.62 to local households. Mayor Holmes expressed his understanding of difficult financial circumstances through this time commenting “we know that it’s a tough year for residents given inflationary impacts on household budgets, so Council has worked hard to keep the tax rates as low as possible…”

District staff will be available throughout the evening to answer any questions or inquiries that may arise during presentations or discussions; refreshments will also be provided for those in attendance ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for all who join in witness this important district decision-making process firsthand. Inviting all citizens back for the first in-person budget open house since 2020, Mayor Holmes invites everyone to join them in reviewing and discussing how we can work together to build a sustainable future for our community!

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