Show Your Love for Sanctuary Bunnies this Valentine’s Day with the “Hey Y’all Hay For All” Campaign

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the bunnies at the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary want to make sure they get some love too! To help make that happen, they’ve started a special campaign titled “Hey Y’all Hay For All”.

Their goal is to raise enough funds so they can provide food for all 150 bunnies, which will cost at least $480 each month. That’s why they are asking for donations of at least $120 – if 48 people give these donations, then the bunnies will have enough hay and shavings to last them through the whole year!

But even more importantly, this fundraiser means that additional donations throughout the year can be used towards rehabilitation work for wounded bunnies like Scarlet who was found in the wild with a terrible injury on her back.

To show their appreciation and encourage more support from everyone, the sanctuary has put together an annual calendar featuring photos of cute bunnies to help count down days until Valentine’s Day or other important dates! You can buy it directly from them or make a donation via their Facebook page.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to put a smile on struggling furry friends’ faces! Just visit to donate today and show your love for their resident bunnies with “Hey Y’all Hay For All”!

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