Penticton RCMP Investigating Reports of Catalytic Converter Thefts

Residents of Penticton, B.C. are in for a rude awakening as reports of catalytic converter thefts become more frequent in the area. Recently, RCMP investigators have identified a particular suspect vehicle in connection with the robberies.

Witnesses describe it as being a beige or white Chevrolet Tahoe, and bearing a temporary operator’s permit sticker in the back rear window. Sgt. Laurie Rock of the Penticton RCMP states that two to four potential perpetrators are suspected to have connections with this car and have been heard driving around with “a very loud muffler.”

With winter setting in and temperatures dropping rapidly, these thefts can lead not only to economic losses but can also cause havoc on an already strained budget due to unforeseen car repairs. Therefore citizens are urged to be vigilant about their vehicles during these tough times and immediately report any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood to the police or 911.

The local RCMP detachment is working on identifying the suspects responsible for these thefts and encourages anyone with information regarding this case to come forward and contact them immediately. So remember, keep an eye out for that suspicious vehicle and help keep your neighborhood safe!

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