Penticton Council Maintains Status Quo for Regional District Representation

In the city of Penticton, the composition of representatives to the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS) has been confirmed to remain constant, despite the efforts of two council members advocating for a shift.

The RDOS board is currently composed of five of Penticton’s seven council members, including Mayor Julius Bloomfield and Councillors Helena Konanz, Ryan Graham, James Miller, and Campbell Watt. These individuals are appointed to represent Penticton’s interests within the broad regional district, which encompasses territories from Summerland to Osoyoos and reaches west to the Similkameen area.

This decision of representation, which also includes an additional stipend, came up for debate at a recent city council meeting. Councillor Miller proposed that seats at the RDOS should be filled based on the number of votes each councillor received in the latest municipal elections. Under this criterion, Councillor Amelia Boultbee, a popular figure from the 2022 elections, would replace Councillor Watt.

Councillor Boultbee, who was previously unavailable to serve and thus paved the way for Watt to step in, is now ready to take on the role. She emphasized the importance of fair representation, noting that decisions should not be swayed by competition among council members but rather by an objective policy that reflects the council’s commitment to accessible governance, especially for demographics like young professionals.

Despite the logical appeal and the prior absence of Boultbee, the council swiftly voted against the motion with a 5-2 margin, leaving Miller and Boultbee in the minority.

With no further discourse, the composition of the RDOS representation from Penticton will stay as is until the next electoral cycle in 2026, unless there are new developments prompting another re-evaluation.

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