Merritt Resident Wins $125,000 from BCLC Scratch and Win Ticket Amid November Floods

Cindy Petroczi, a Merritt resident impacted by the November 2021 floods, was overjoyed after winning a whopping $125,000 from a BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) scratch and win ticket. After treating herself to a lottery ticket from her local Walmart, Petroczi was in tears when she realized she had won the top prize. She shared the amazing news with her husband and remarked that some of the money will go towards helping their family replace items lost in the flood and taking a well-deserved vacation.

BCLC is a provincial crown corporation responsible for “conducting and managing gambling activities” in British Columbia including scratch and win tickets – which have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their fun themes like Rainbow Riches, Cash Spectacular, or 50/50. With different levels of prizes available as low as $2 per ticket up to over $1 million grand prizes, it is no surprise these games are wildly popular across generations alike. This year BCLC celebrated 40 years since they first began selling lottery tickets.

Dozens of individuals have enjoyed life-altering wins thanks to these tickets throughout which time – how exciting it must be for Cindy Petroczi knowing that not only was she part of such an exclusive group but also able to experience this joy during a very difficult period in her life.

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