Man Arrested in Penticton After Pointing a Replica Gun at Woman Retrieving Her Stolen Bicycle

Police in Penticton have arrested a 33-year-old man, Anthony Muskego, after he allegedly pointed what appeared to be a gun – but was later found to be a replica – at a woman who had seized her stolen bicycle.

On 16 March, police were called to Fairford Avenue and Industrial Avenue after the incident occurred. The woman had spotted her bicycle and grabbed it, but Muskego reportedly tried to stop her and brandished what seemed like a handgun. She managed to get into her vehicle and call for help.

Muskego was taken into custody without any issues; the faux firearm was inspected and confirmed as an imitation hand gun. He has been charged with pointing such a weapon in public despite its non-lethal properties.

“The detail found in replica firearms sold today, being accurate to those of real ones, are of great concern for officers, as it makes it difficult to tell if they’re real or fake,” says Cpl James Grandy. He adds that members of the public should not attempt to retrieve their own stolen items and instead contact the police immediately when they spot them.

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