Lake Country Intentionally Set Fires to Reduce Wildfire Risk This Summer

The district of Lake Country is taking proactive steps to reduce wildfire risks with an intentional fire management project. In order to create a more fire-resilient landscape, the provincial government has invested in the Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction funding stream.

The project covers 54 hectares near Spion Kop, and involves the burning of 1,600 piles of wood debris on the west side of Highway 97 and above Carrs Landing Road. The primary objective is to reduce the amount of flammable material available for a wildfire to consume. Left unmanaged, these materials could cause rapidly intensifying wildfires that are difficult to contain.

Burning activities began in January and will be ongoing until late spring or early summer, depending on site conditions, venting forecasts and snow levels. All burning activities must comply with local air quality standards and regulations before they can commence.

By ensuring that all necessary safety precautions are met during this intentional burn project, Lake Country is helping mitigate potential dangers posed by wildfires during this dry season – Ensuring both public safety and asset protection for its citizens.

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