Kelowna Resident Warns Others After Being Targeted by Fake Canada Post Employee

A resident of Kelowna’s North End is warning others about a man posing as a Canada Post employee after he showed up at her home on Wednesday, March 15th. The man claimed to be an off-duty postal agent who had forgotten to deliver her mail, and asked for her personal information in order to send money to replace what he had allegedly broken. He also offered to take her outside so she could see the damage supposedly done to the address sign on the front of her house.

The woman grew suspicious of his story, but refrained from giving out any information. When she asked where her mail was, the suspect disappeared quickly. After examining the sign, she found that there was no way it could have fallen off – leading her to believe that it had been smashed intentionally by the suspect in order to lure her outside.

The woman then checked with Canada Post regarding the suspect’s identity, only to find that he was not a postal employee. She reported the incident to the Kelowna RCMP and officers responded with photos from a doorbell camera; however, they weren’t able to identify him from the images nor locate him during their two visits in search.

In light of this event, she felt compelled to make others aware in case similar incidents occur with other residents in Kelowna.

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