Kelowna Fields Set to Open for the Season: Residents Asked to Stay Off!

City sports fields will soon be opening their doors for the upcoming season. Until then, residents are asked politely to stay off the grassy fields until they can welcome everyone in the spring. Dave Gatzke, Parks & Beaches Supervisor, explains that it is necessary to hold off on using the fields until they have been dried out, actively growing and free from divots and holes. This ensures optimal quality turf and prevents player injuries.

Groups looking for somewhere to practice before the season starts can call 250-469-8800 or complete a rental enquiry webform for an artificial area. The Apple Bowl Track is already open and other fields are scheduled to open on April 7th (weather permitting). Ball diamonds will open April 14th, with all remaining fields following suit. Kelowna has implemented a number of measures to properly irrigate and maintain these outdoor areas including weekly watering of each field and monthly inspections from staff members. For more information about sports field rentals, please visit or read up on our recent community story outlining our efforts in this regard.

City sports fields provide recreational activities for people of all ages throughout the year – but it’s not just about playing; it’s also about preserving them so everyone can enjoy them in years to come!

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