Kamloops Man Admits to Shooting at Departing Vehicle Amid Family Dispute, Receives Conditional Sentence

A 60-year-old resident from the Kamloops region faced the consequences in court after admitting to shooting at a vehicle during a familial conflict in 2022.

Richard Alan Murphy stood before the Kamloops provincial court earlier this week, acknowledging charges against him for unauthorized possession of a firearm and its irresponsible usage.

Details shared during the hearing painted a vivid picture of the events from September 6, 2022, that took place on a remote property near Barriere. Amid the heated argument, Murphy’s stepson, Ajani Winters, 22, verbally threatened Murphy and followed it up with a physical assault, landing a punch that momentarily incapacitated Murphy.

Upon regaining consciousness, Murphy saw Winters trying to leave the scene in his Chevrolet Cruz. In a rash decision, Murphy seized a hunting rifle and discharged it in the direction of the departing vehicle, making contact with its rear bumper.

The serendipitous presence of an off-duty officer in the vicinity, who heard the gunshots, proved instrumental. The officer quickly located Winters and subsequently, Murphy was taken into custody.

Initially set to stand trial, Murphy opted for a guilty plea during the trial’s anticipated commencement.

In line with a collaborative recommendation, Judge Ray Phillips of the Kamloops provincial court ruled in favor of a sentence encompassing 27 days, equivalent to the time Murphy had already spent in custody. Additionally, Murphy received a conditional sentence spanning two years minus a day. The conditions stipulate Murphy adhering to a curfew between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. for the initial year and maintaining distance from Winters, who has since relocated to Alberta. Further restrictions imposed include a ban on alcohol and weapons possession.

The court also directed Murphy to provide his DNA sample, ensuring its inclusion in the national criminal database.

In light of these events, the importance of responsible firearm possession and resolving familial disputes amicably is underscored. Stories like these serve as a reminder to communities about the consequences of hasty actions and the value of maintaining peace.

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