Kamloops City Council Blasts Mayor for “Chaotic and Unpredictable Behaviour”

Kamloops City Council has expressed concerns about the “chaotic behaviour” of Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson, evidenced in a turbulent Tuesday meeting in which unilateral changes were made to the city’s standing committees. These changes removed some councillors from chair positions and saw nine citizens, several of whom had financially contributed to the mayor’s election campaign, appointed.

Councillors have claimed that they often feel “blindsided” as the Mayor rarely consults them before making any sudden decisions or changes. Councillor Stephen Karpuk said during Tuesday’s meeting that it is taxing not knowing what will come next and it does not have to be this way.

The Mayor has defended his actions saying he has authority to name committee members and those appointed are qualified. However, Councillor Bill Sarai noted that the new committees had only just begun their work and yet were already being changed by Hamer-Jackson despite criticism they were moving too slowly — something he denied when asked by Castanet Kamloops last week.

Councillor Kelly Hall also expressed dismay at how Hamer-Jackson tried to appoint one of his own citizens to a committee moments before its meeting on Feb. 9th without consulting anyoneelse. In regards to this “chaotic” manner of leadership, Hall said councils aim is simply to do right by the people of Kamloops with good governance but this goal seems difficult due to constant changes and untruths spoken on a regular basis

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