Fire Prevention Officers’ Association of BC to Hold First In-Person Conference Since Pandemic in Penticton

The Fire Prevention Officers’ Association of BC (FPOABC) is set to hold their first in-person conference since the pandemic began, in Penticton this spring. The conference will take place at the Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre from May 1-4 and will be attended by fire prevention officers from across Western Canada.

According to a news release from the FPOABC, the conference is open to anyone who considers fire prevention to be a part of their job, not just fire inspectors or officers. This includes fire chiefs, firefighters, training officers, and more. The FPOABC has also expanded their membership to include 35 associate members from industry, including consulting engineers, insurance underwriters, fire protection equipment service technicians, building officials, ULC, ULI, and fire-related public education distributors from Western Canada.

This year, the FPOABC expects to welcome over 100 delegates to the annual conference. The conference is an opportunity for professionals in the field to network, share best practices, and learn about new trends and developments in fire prevention. The event will be a valuable opportunity for those attending to gain new knowledge and skills that can help keep their communities safe from fire hazards.

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