Fire Department Called to Put Out Unchecked Burn Pile in East Kelowna

Fire crews in East Kelowna were called to a home on an agricultural property on Reid Road Monday afternoon due to a burn pile that had grown out of control. The fire had been set by the property owner, who was not watching over the flame when it began to take on a life of its own. Captain Mike Hill and fire prevention officer Paul Johnson quickly closed off the road to access enough water to deal with the situation.

The blaze is now under control, but this incident serves as an important reminder of how quickly fires can spread in warm, dry climates—especially if proper precautions are not taken beforehand.

Wildfires have long posed a unique threat to communities all around the world—including here in Canada. Dry weather worsens conditions for potential outbreaks, and any fire can turn deadly in a matter of moments if not contained properly. Landowners around these areas must always remember to exercise caution when burning anything outdoors and adhere strictly to their local fire regulations for the safety of all nearby residents.

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