Farming For Love

CTV is launching a new show in Ontario and British Columbia called “Farming for Love“. A reality dating show for Farmers.

Meet the cast here:

The Okanagan Valley is a region in British Columbia known for its beautiful landscapes, but it is also renowned for its rich agricultural history. The fertile soils and moderate climate of the Okanagan Valley have played an important role in the success of farming operations that have been established throughout the region. From small family farms to large-scale agriculture, Okanagan farmers have developed sophisticated methods to produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables. From vineyards to orchards, the area has become a hub for farming and agricultural production. With its moderate climate, the Okanagan is home to many different types of crops, including apples, pears, cherries, grapes and apricots.

Okanagan beef farming is also a thriving industry in British Columbia, Canada. Located in the southern interior of the province, the region provides a unique opportunity for ranchers to raise their cattle on lush grasslands with plenty of sunshine and access to irrigation. Over time, Okanagan beef farmers have become renowned for their quality product, with many customers seeking out their products from both local butchers and online retailers.

Are you a farmer, single and looking for love?

The show is still accepting applications:

farming for love



feature image courtest of CTV

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