Concerns Raised Over Townhouse Development in Peachland

Concerns have been raised regarding the proposed townhouse development on Princeton Avenue in Peachland, which could bring an additional 50 units. The developer has said they will not build a southbound left-turn lane despite earlier requests from council, but instead offer a financial contribution to enhance the town’s infrastructure.

The strata development would hook up to existing services and no new services are required. It will not be a gated community and 10% of units would contain long-term flex rental suites with their own entrances.

The developer is also willing to contribute $4,000 to upgrade four bus stops near the area and provide a parkland rest area/pullout as well as cash for a 5% park requirement. Nearby property ‘Somerset Reach’ is also constructing 56 townhouses in 14 buildings approximately 500 meters away from the site. No decisions have been made about this proposal yet.

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