Change Batteries on Smoke Detectors to Increase Home Fire Safety – Kelowna Fire Department

Kelowna Fire Department is reminding residents it’s the perfect time to change the batteries in smoke detectors as we get ready to spring forward with Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 12.

“Smoke detectors save lives,” said Jason Twamley, Fire Inspector, Training and Fire Prevention, Kelowna Fire Department. “To reduce your family’s risk of fire-related injury or death, it’s important to install the right number of smoke detectors in the right places, and change the batteries twice a year. Daylight Savings Time is a good way to remember it’s time to do so.”

Twamley says residents should install smoke alarms in each bedroom, in the hallway outside the bedrooms and on each level of the home, including the basement.

In addition to the upkeep of smoke alarms, Twamley adds residents should also use this time to ensure there are fresh batteries in flashlights and create fire escape and emergency preparedness plans, as well as an emergency supply kit.

“Preparedness is key in any emergency, including house and wild fires, floods, landslides and severe weather,” he said. “Having and rehearsing a plan for the most likely emergencies in your home and local area means everyone can respond quickly and efficiently to reach safety.”

For home fire safety and prevention information, visit For emergency preparedness tips and tools, visit the Central Okanagan Emergency Program website at and

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