Accused Naramata Murderer’s Trial Delayed Again Due to Court System Challenges

The trial of Wade Cudmore, who stands accused of murdering brothers Carlo and Erick Fryer from Kamloops, has yet to be scheduled due to delays in the court system. Anthony Graham, a co-accused in the case, remains at large.

Cudmore has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. A preliminary inquiry held in October 2022 found sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial. However, progress has been slow due to the complexity of the case and the need for a case management judge.

During a recent court appearance in Penticton, lawyers requested more time and asked that the matter be moved to Kelowna. The presiding justice acknowledged that the case had been dragging on for some time and agreed to transfer it to Kelowna where it will eventually be heard.

The decision was made in December 2021 to move the trial to Kelowna due to its complexity. However, as of Tuesday’s court appearance, lawyers had no indication that a case management judge had been assigned or that a trial date had been set.

Cudmore is scheduled for his next court appearance on March 13th when lawyers hope to fix a date for his trial. It’s expected that the trial will last up to six months.

The delay in scheduling this high-profile murder trial highlights some of the challenges faced by Canada’s legal system. While it’s important to ensure fairness and accuracy in criminal proceedings, lengthy delays can cause frustration for all parties involved. As this case continues through the courts, we can only hope that justice will eventually be served for Carlo and Erick Fryer and their loved ones.

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