Community Alert: Valued Heirlooms Stolen from Kamloops Grandmother; Assistance Requested

Kamloops law enforcement is reaching out to the community, seeking assistance in recovering precious jewelry taken from a local grandmother in a daring daylight theft. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a shopping plaza on Fortune Drive at approximately 2:20 p.m. on October 28th. During the unsettling encounter, a woman reportedly entered the elderly victim’s car, offering to exchange jewelry, only to abscond with the grandmother’s wedding ring and a sentimental necklace.

The stolen items hold immense sentimental value, and the loss has deeply affected the family, as expressed by Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Crystal Evelyn. In efforts to facilitate the return of these cherished possessions, authorities have disseminated images of the stolen jewelry, urging the public to be vigilant. They hope that anyone who might spot these items, potentially listed online or elsewhere for sale, will come forward with information.

Described as a woman in her 30s or 40s with black hair, possibly of South Asian or Latin descent, the suspect was last seen wearing a long dress paired with a brown leather-style jacket. The Kamloops RCMP is calling on anyone with information to contact them at 250-828-3000, as even the smallest detail could prove crucial in reuniting the grandmother with her valuables.

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