TRU to Hear Expert on Educational Ethics and AI: ChatGPT’s Pros and Cons to be Discussed

Thompson Rivers University will be hosting Dr. Sarah Eaton of the University of Calgary at their annual Teaching Practices Colloquium on February 21st to discuss artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and its potential impact in the classroom. TRU Provost Gillian Balfour has said that AI has been a growing source of concern for her institution as it raises questions about academic integrity and what teachers must do to keep up with the advancements of technology.

ChatGPT is an AI program developed by a San Francisco startup affiliated with Microsoft and can generate readable text on demand. This could potentially open the doors for students to use it as a form of assistance in completing coursework or writing essays although this kind of usage may raise ethical issues, particularly when it comes to plagiarism.

Dr. Eaton’s presentation is seen as a great opportunity for TRU to start discussions on how they can shift their pedagogy in response to AI instead of trying to avoid it altogether. It also provides an opportunity to delve deeper into other facets of campus life such as research, admissions, library services and more – all areas where AI can have a significant influence.

The use of ChatGPT does present both pros and cons depending on who uses it for what purpose. On one hand, having access to ChatGPT can benefit students who may lack time or motivation in working on certain assignments; however, this can lead to ethical issues such as plagiarism if not used correctly or within appropriate boundaries. The same goes for educators who run the risk of cheating or providing incorrect data if not careful when using the program for research purposes. Ultimately, proper guidance and monitoring is needed when introducing new technologies like ChatGPT into educational institutions so that everyone can make the most out of it while ensuring fair practices are upheld across all departments.

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