Major North Okanagan Project Delayed by Construction Setbacks

Construction delays have postponed a major Greater Vernon Water (GVW) project, the Headgates Spillway Project, from its original January 2021 completion date by several months.

GVW began work on the project in early September 2022 and is increasing the size of the spillway at Duteau Creek’s Headgates Dam to improve protection for the water supply infrastructure, the environment and downstream properties. However, this necessitated a reduction in water flow through the dam and subsequent precautionary Water Quality Advisory (WQA).

The WQA will remain until construction is complete and affects customers who receive their water from Duteau Creek. While GVW needs to maintain a lower water flow to complete construction, intermittently there may be periods when they turn-off without notice. Yet, customers can rest assured that their water is still being treated with a clarification process and disinfected with chlorine even if untreated with Ultraviolet light.

As such, customers affected by this advisory are encouraged to boil their water for one minute prior to consuming it, preparing food or beverages with it, washing fruits/vegetables or brushing teeth with it; as an added precaution against potential contamination. In addition, some customers normally served by Duteau Creek may receive their supply from Kalamalka Lake instead during this period. This may be especially interesting for those who have home treatment systems or aquariums due to Kalamalka Lake’s harder water that has a higher pH level than normal.

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