Last Passenger Train Service Departs from Penticton in 1964

In 1964, Penticton bid farewell to its beloved passenger train service. This historic event marked the end of an era, leaving behind memories and stories for generations to come.

Sixty years ago, on January 17th, locals from Summerland boarded the final train bound for Penticton. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the two RDCs (rail diesel cars) were packed with passengers eager for one last thrilling journey over the Carm.

The Penticton CPR/KVR station on Hastings Street served as the starting point for this memorable adventure. The local branch of the Okanagan Historical Society played a significant role in making this farewell trip a noteworthy event.

Though the last passenger train service marked the end of an era, it paved the way for progress and new opportunities. Penticton’s transportation landscape has evolved over the years, making room for innovation and modern alternatives.

As we commemorate this significant moment in history, let us remember the impact passenger trains had on our community. Their presence brought people together, offering a unique and charming way to explore the beauty of our region.

While we bid farewell to the old passenger train service, we embrace the future with open arms. Penticton continues to thrive and grow, with new possibilities on the horizon. The memories of the past will always remain, cherished by those who experienced the magic of train travel in its heyday.

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