Kelowna Resident Launches Petition Against Upcoming Drag Story Time Event

A growing controversy surrounding a Drag Story Time event set for Downtown Kelowna Library has led one local resident, Laurie Baird, to start an online petition against the event. Nearly 600 people have now signed it.

The Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) website explains that the Community Reader Story Time Series is designed to bring diverse and inclusive programming to the public, but that aim was met with resistance this past Saturday at the Coquitlam Public Library, where hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters clashed over a Drag Queen Story Time event meant for children. Police had to be called in order to restore peace.

Back in December, there were also some demonstrators present at DunnEnzies in Mission protesting against a drag show being held as part of a toy and food drive for Salvation Army in Kelowna. Again RCMP had to be contacted as the protesters disbanded after their presence was noticed.

The online petition started by Laurie Baird continues gaining traction among dissatisfied citizens concerned about maintaining family values in their community.

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