36-Year-Old “High” on Mischief Pleads Guilty to Breaking Into Summerland Home

On Tuesday, Travis Simpson – a 36-year-old from Summerland, BC – pleaded guilty in Penticton’s BC Supreme Court to criminal code charge of mischief related to a break-in at a local home. Simpson opted for a plea instead of pushing through with a two-day trial.

The judge heard that the resident returned to his home on August 11th 2021 to find the door damaged, ajar and cracked. Upon further inspection he found his possessions moved including his bed. When police arrived, they encountered another man apologizing who admitted he had kicked in the door while under the influence of drugs. This man was identified as Simpson. Crown counsel reported that witnesses saw him still under the influence of substances speaking erratically.

Simpson told court that prior to the incident he had no criminal issues since 2010 but had started using drugs again after his family member sustained an injury a year and a half ago. Hearing this, both defence and Crown suggested a 12 month suspended sentence, with added probation requirements such as restitution for repair costs ($100), no contact with the affected resident, and restorative justice sessions if requested. The judge accepted this suggestion.

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