Survey open until Friday on Secondary Suite Regulations for Vernon

For many years, the City of Vernon has been a leading advocate for the development of secondary suites in the local area. These dwellings are seen as a valuable commodity that helps to strengthen and diversify the city’s stock of rental housing. The availability of secondary suites enables more people from different backgrounds and lifestyles to have access to affordable rental properties.

On September 26th, 2022, City Council endorsed a new Housing Action Plan, which emphasizes the creation of rental suites in single family homes, semi-detached dwellings and detached carriage houses or secondary dwellings. This plan is intended to provide an additional layer of protection for those in need of affordable housing across multiple demographics, including employees seeking jobs in Vernon, families and seniors.

To support this initiative and its goal of providing safe and secure housing for all residents, the City is now inviting its community to participate in their public consultation process by visiting and completing their survey on Encouraging Secondary Suites in Our Community until Friday March 24th 2023. All responses will be collected then reviewed by council before they draft any potential amendments or changes related to this project in May that same year.

The development of secondary suites within Vernon is seen as an essential step towards providing greater quality rental options for those needing assistance with their living expenses while also enriching our communities with a thriving mixture of cultures, incomes and professions. It’s through initiatives such as these that we can ensure everyone has fair access to affordable housing while continuing to foster engaging living opportunities throughout Vernon as well as donating to our local economies health and sustainability overall!


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