Penticton Advances Plans for New Affordable Housing Development

In an ambitious move to enhance housing affordability, Penticton has initiated steps to apply for a grant aimed at creating a new residential complex for low to mid-income residents. The proposed site, a city-owned parcel at 2509 South Main Street, was acquired in 2020 for $1.46 million. This location, once home to the Shielings Motel, is poised to be transformed into a sustainable living space, aligning with the city’s traffic and bike lane improvements.

The proposed development envisions a 64-unit apartment complex focusing on high-density, rental-only housing. The plan includes 47 parking slots and over 100 bicycle spaces, supporting the city’s green initiatives. The community awaits the selection of an operating partner to manage the complex, which will feature studio, one-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, intentionally excluding two-bedroom options. This decision aligns with the findings of a recent housing study, highlighting the need for larger units within Penticton.

The possibility of bringing this vision to life hinges on a grant from the BC Housing Community Housing Fund, which supports affordable housing projects. With the application deadline set for November 17, city officials are urging the council to endorse the application, with the promise of seeking a reputable operating partner to maintain the complex under a long-term lease arrangement, should the grant be awarded.

The city council, showing unanimous support, has approved the grant application. The community now awaits the outcome, hopeful for a positive step toward addressing the housing needs of its residents.

Join us in supporting Penticton’s commitment to affordable housing. Stay informed, get involved, and let’s ensure that every member of our community has access to comfortable, sustainable, and affordable homes.

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