Kelowna’s Most Luxurious Property Could Soon Become a High-End Bed and Breakfast

Kelowna’s Most Luxurious Property Could Soon Become a High-End Bed and Breakfast

Kelowna, known for its stunning lake views and vineyards, could be getting a new luxury bed and breakfast if the city council approves the application. The property owner of one of Kelowna’s most luxurious properties on Lochview Road, Michael Holzhey, has submitted an application to amend the city’s zoning bylaw pertaining to bed and breakfasts. If approved, the 44-acre property assessed at $19.3 million would become a high-end bed and breakfast that can house up to 16 people.

The current bylaw allows for a maximum capacity of four sleeping units and eight people while the application is asking to double that. The property is currently licensed under the present bed and breakfast bylaw. According to the application, six of the proposed eight available bedrooms are in the main house with two in a guest house. Two additional bedrooms would be constructed in the main house to be used by the property owners.

While the property could accommodate up to 16 people at one time, Holzhey says only one reservation would be permitted, meaning that individual rooms are not rented out separately. “The amendment also includes other uses that would be for the convenience of guests including banquet and beverage services, meeting rooms, tennis courts, a boat dock, a swimming pool, a spa with sauna and steam room, a billiards room, theatre,” said staff report supporting the application.

As part of the application process, owners have agreed to register a road reserve in favour of the city to secure a portion of their property as future waterfront parkland. The property borders onto a future park to its north.

If approved by council members after reviewal of public hearing comments on this proposal it would go through final adoption stages before being officially accepted into law.

Holzhey believes that there is demand for such an accommodation option in Kelowna. He sees his proposed high-end bed and breakfast as filling an important niche between hotels and vacation rentals: “People who want five-star service but don’t necessarily want to rent an entire home or stay in a hotel.”

This proposed luxury bed-and-breakfast will offer guests more than just comfortable beds; they will have access to various amenities such as tennis courts, boat docks with swimming pools as well as spas where they can relax after exploring all that Kelowna has on offer.

In conclusion, this new development could bring some exciting changes for Kelowna’s tourism industry if approved by City Council after public hearings take place. This luxury bed-and-breakfast would provide visitors with top-notch amenities while also offering them unique experiences not found elsewhere – something everyone should look forward to!

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