Kelowna Real-Estate: The Perfect Vacation Spot with Great Investment Options for 2023

Sam Kelder is a 29 year old real estate professional in the Kelowna area. Working with people has always been something Sam is passionate about, so when she found a way to combine her interest in real estate and helping people it was the perfect opportunity. First time home buyers are some of her favorite clients as there is nothing better than seeing them achieve something they thought was out of reach.

The changes that have occurred over the last two years in the Kelowna real estate sector have been immense, with huge growth and developments occurring throughout the city–it’s truly an exciting time!

For investors looking towards 2023, Sam believes that Airbnb is their best shot at cash flow due to our city being such a desirable destination. Currently, there are beautiful lake view condos being built that would make the perfect vacation spot for those looking to rent out their homes. Port Okanagan offers stunning views, Frind Winery is coming soon and nearby making it a good investment option plus Bertram on Bernard sold out for excellent reasons including its incredible location, sky top pool and pet-friendly atmosphere. Lastly, Westrich Bay townhomes provide luxury living right on the waterfront complete with elevators and impeccable fit and finish.

For anyone interested in investing or just finding out more information regarding real estate in this area, they can find Sam on Instagram/TikTok @Okanganrealty or email her directly at [email protected]

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