Vernon Community Support: The Kindness Meter Program That’s Making a Difference!

Be part of something bigger and show kindness today! The City of Vernon has initiated the Kindness Meter program to inspire residents to donate their spare change and help those in need. Since 2016, generous donations have amounted to thousands of dollars, benefitting a number of local organizations serving the disadvantaged or homeless in our community.

Mayor Victor Cumming applauded the initiative by saying: “Many people in our community are looking for a way to give back, but they don’t always know how to do that. The Kindness Meter program is another way for that giving.”

Let’s take a look at how much good this program has done over the years: $266 was donated in 2022, $318.91 was donated in 2021, $389.16 was donated in 2020, $711.10 was donated in 2019, $672.47 was donated in 2018, $1,798.68 was donated in 2017 and finally the grand total for 2016 being an impressive $1,863.82! With five orange meters conveniently located in the downtown area – it’s never been easier to share some kindness!

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