Enjoy Delicious Gluten-Free Ciders from the Okanagan

Are you gluten free and looking for the best ciders to enjoy in the Okanagan? If so, fear not! We’ve done the hard work of researching to bring you the top four gluten-free ciders available in the region.

#1 Wards Cider

Ward’s Hard Cider has been crafting delicious cider since 1998, with a goal of creating modern, award-winning ciders that still stay true to traditional English recipes. Their blended and single-variety ciders are crafted from apples grown in British Columbia orchards and have won numerous awards for their taste and quality. The cidery is fully certified as gluten free by Pro-Cert Organic systems and all of their products are vegan friendly.

#2 Rock Creek Cider

Rock Creek Cider is located on a family farm near Kelowna, BC and has been producing craft cider since 2006. The cidery specializes in small-batch craft ciders that are made using only fresh pressed organic fruit from their farm orchard. All of their products are certified gluten-free by Pro-Cert Organic Systems, ensuring that they provide safe options for those following a strictly gluten-free diet. With a range of flavours available – like Tart Cherry, Cranberry Plum Apple, Honey Blush Apple, Apricot Peach Apple – there’s something here for everyone!

#3 Salt Spring Wild Cider

Salt Spring Wild Cider is a small craft brewery located on Salt Spring Island, BC specializes exclusively in making wild fermented cider from organic BC fruits. The cidery takes special care to ensure that all of their products are 100% naturally fermented without added sugar or preservatives, or even yeast strains from outside sources – making them a great choice for anyone looking for truly natural cider with no added chemicals or artificial flavourings. Additionally, all of their products are Certified Gluten Free by Pro Cert Organic Systems!

#4 Howling Moon Cider

Howling Moon Cider is based out of Vernon BC and produces raw wild fermented hard ciders made with freshly pressed local apples sourced directly from Washington State Orchards which they ferment without adding any pasteurization or sulfites – ensuring an authentically pure product made entirely from nature’s ingredients! Each batch is also tested to ensure it meets the highest standards for gluten free certification by Pro Cert Canada Ltd., making these ciders perfect for anyone following a strict gluten free diet.

Thanks for taking the time to explore the world of Okanagan ciders. We hope you find something that you love and enjoy! Cheers!

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