Motorsports Spectacular Coming To Kelowna January 13th

Motorsports Spectacular Tour is headed to Kelowna, January 13th and January 14th 2023. 

Location: Prospera Place

Monster trucks have been thrilling crowds for decades, and the history of these giant vehicles is full of interesting stories. From their origin in mud bogging competitions to their current status as some of the most popular entertainment attractions, the evolution of monster trucks has been an incredible journey. Those who are fascinated by these massive machines may be interested to learn how they first came about and how they’ve grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

While there are a few conflicting stories about the origin of monster trucks, most people agree that the name “Monster Truck” originated in the early 1970s. In 1971, the United States government banned all importation of Japanese cars. The American auto industry was in trouble at that time and was seeking to create a new market for itself. Truck manufacturers began to increase the size of their trucks in order to compete with the models being produced by Japan. The Ford Motor Company was an especially active participant in this movement, creating the first monster truck in 1974. The name “monster truck” began to be used in 1975 when promoter Hal Needham held a monster truck show. The term caught on and was used in the title of a 1975 movie, “White Lightning”, in which monster trucks were featured. Needham used his connections in the Hollywood film industry to bring stars such as Rodger Ward and James Garner to appear at the events. From there the sport and entertainment industry of Monster Trucks grew to what it is today.

Motorsports Spectacular (previously known as RAM Motorsports Spectacular) has been touring across Canada and providing audiences with incredible monster truck stunts, monster truck challenge, and free style motocross, including their Radical Jump Showcase.

MotoCross and Monster Trucks don’t come by often, this is an event enthusiasts and fans will not want to miss. The event is being held at Prospera Place and tickets can be purchased here.

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