Go Wild in the Okanagan: A Whirlwind Tour of the Top 10 Cities and Towns!

Are you ready for a grand tour of the Okanagan region?! Come join me on an adventure throughout this beautiful part of British Columbia, starting with these top 10 cities and towns!

1. Kelowna – Kelowna’s the largest city in the valley and it’s got over 150,000 people calling it home. It’s known for its wine, beaches, and ski resorts where you can soak up all that Okanagan sunshine.

2. Vernon – Runaway Creek meets Kalamalka Lake in Vernon! Home to roughly 45,000 wonderful people and some seriously great views; exploring here is always a good idea.

3. Penticton – Sandwiched between two large lakes we have Penticton with a population of over 35,000 folks who love nothing better than getting out on the lake or hitting the slopes during winter time.

4. West Kelowna – Jutting out onto the western side of Okanagan Lake is West Kelowna with approximately 34,000 people taking in those breathtaking views from anywhere in town. Perfection!

5. Salmon Arm – Just south of Shuswap Lake lies Salmon Arm where 18,500 amazing residents spend their days soaking in nature’s beauty and all she has to offer.

**6. Summerland **- There are more than 11,000 friendly locals living in Summerland who love inviting visitors to experience their parks, art galleries, wineries and great restaurants!

7. Peachland – Along Okanagan Lake we find Peachland boasting 6,000 inhabitants who live for those sandy beaches which stretch across the waterfront area – picture perfect postcard material right here!

8. Oliver – You’ll find Osoyoos tucked away southwest of Oliver whose 5,800 citizens make sure to take advantage of their warm summers by golfing or swimming whenever they can!

9. Merritt – Sitting pretty close to Nicola Lake is Merritt with just under 7,000 inhabitants who like nothing better than going fishing or hunting; whatever takes your fancy!

10. Osoyoos – And last but not least we have Osoyoos with nearly 5400 happy folks making full use of those hot summers day by day… did someone mention margaritas?

So there you have it: an epic tour throughout some of the best cities and towns in The Okanagan Region! Whether you’re looking for amazing scenery or plenty of outdoor activities – there’s something for everyone here guaranteed to keep you entertained forever more!

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