West Kelowna Mother-Daughter Duo Shine at Paris Fashion Week

The world of high fashion and exquisite jewelry saw a dazzling addition from West Kelowna at the recent Paris Fashion Week. Mother-daughter duo, Donna and Danielle Scheven, marked their successful debut on the prestigious Parisian runways.

Their brand, Carolily, which began in 2015, has experienced a meteoric rise. It was not long ago when they grabbed the golden chance to showcase their unique jewelry designs amidst the glamour and glitz of Paris. The fashion event took place between Sept. 25 and Oct. 3.

Not new to the limelight, the duo had previously showcased their designs at the renowned New York Fashion Week. However, taking their brand to Paris added a whole new layer of achievement and recognition for them.

The recent collection, showcasing Donna’s distinctive design ethos, embodies a tribute to women and draws inspiration from the grandeur of the past. Creating such an exceptional collection, unbounded by limitations, was both an exciting and rewarding journey for them. The sheer joy of witnessing their meticulously crafted pieces dazzle the runway, after months of dedication and refinement, was unparalleled.

Fashion enthusiasts need not just admire these pieces from afar. The Carolily brand ensures that these exclusive designs are accessible to all. While a select few pieces from their Paris collection are still available, a myriad of other collections, crafted with equal passion and expertise by the Okanagan duo, awaits on their official website, carolily.com.

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