Lake Okanagan Resort Seeks New Leaseholder After Okanagan Beach Club Walks Away

Lake Okanagan Resort is facing a challenge this summer as the company that had been running most of its amenities, Okanagan Beach Club, has decided not to renew their lease.

Co-owner Ryan Hargreaves revealed on Tuesday that after two years of managing and operating many of the resort’s facilities including Tiki & Taco Bar, which served as a summer party spot for locals, bistro services and water rentals for guests, they had come to the mutual decision to end their lease agreement.

Hargreaves highlighted some of the main reasons behind the decision being liability concerns, insurance issues and facility problems. Additionally, he mentioned that the resort was once a jewel on the shores of Okanagan Lake but is still struggling to regain its former stature.

The resort is now offering a three- to five-year lease for $10,000 per month from May to September through Facebook Marketplace in an effort to fill the void left behind by Okanagan Beach Club. With no current manager in place, it remains uncertain whether or not they will be able to find someone who can provide guests with all of the same leisure activities and experiences they had previously come to expect from visiting Lake Okanagan Resort.

Although COVID-19 health restrictions have proven challenging already this year across BC and other parts of Canada in relation to gathering sizes and safety protocols while enjoying entertainment such as beach parties at resorts like these, one thing is certain – local lakeside attractions such as Lake Okanagan Resort are highly cherished by those living in close proximity. Reopening arenas for public use in a safe manner could serve as an opportunity for individuals dealing with cabin fever during these trying times while still respecting social distancing guidelines imposed by provincial governments.

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